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Jerrin Finney is the owner and author of blogs on The 1099 Life. Remember to always do your research and gather all the information necessary to make the best decision for yourself possible. Also follow me on social media! Click the social media icons to learn more!

DISCLAIMER! No part of this website or any blogs written here is career advice and it should not be taken as such. These blogs are written from the experience of me, Jerrin Finney, and only express my opinions and thoughts - which could and more than likely will in some cases - change. I'm learning and evolving as time passes and so will my thoughts and opinions. So nothing here is set in stone, nor is it professional and/or legal career advice of any kind. Take what you read with a grain of salt and do your own research to find the best solutions for your career/business goals. I don't claim to be correct in everything I do, either. Some things may be wrong and if you want to have a discussion or call me out on something, reach out to me on social media. Please make sound and reasonable financial decisions and please have discussions with qualified professionals if it makes sense to do so. With that out of the way, enjoy reading! Glad to have you here!

Financial freedom means different things to different people. For some, it's a certain dollar amount. If they get six figures, seven figures, ten figures, they'll be happy. That's all good if that's your dream. But for me, freedom means control. Freedom doesn't mean easy. It means things will be more difficult than before. Why do I say that? Because what I define as freedom for myself means I'm accountable for my success.

If I'm accountable for my success, then that leaves other people with less incentive to see me succeed. Think about it. How much sense does it make for someone to invest time and energy into supporting me just because I want to experience life the way I want to experience it? What's in it for the other person? No one will probably get much out of me pursuing my own experiences and joys in life. So what's the point of this blog?

This blog is here to help those who may be on their journey to find financial freedom through self-employment. I'm here to show my expertise from my experience so people will have something to compare their experiences to. By showing what I've learned and experienced on my journey to self-employment and financial freedom, I'm giving people a source they can use to glean information from. Of course, nothing here shall constitute financial or career advice. As always, I encourage others to do their due diligence and research the best options for themselves rather than passively listening to others on the internet and then getting mad when things don't go their way.

You shouldn't get mad at me because I'm letting you know up front that I'm not here to show you a step-by-step plan to make your life better. It's not my job to make your life better. That's your job. And that's my strong philosophy on that matter. So if you're someone who's looking for others to make life easier for them for free, then this website isn't for you. If you read this with the understanding that you're going to have to build your version of happiness and maybe glean helpful nuggets of information from what you read here to help you reach that goal, then you may be in the right place. I'm ready to let life stop happening to me and to start building the life I want. Do you think the same way? Then we might have something in common!

Working from home isn't easy. In fact, it's harder than working for a company, I would say. And I will give reasons for that in a post, which you can find below. Or, you can click here and go to that post to get a better understanding of my thought process. I'm not here to say freedom equals easy. It does not. It means the opposite, in fact. Self-accountability is hard. Thinking about your actions and where they will lead you is tough. Freedom does not automatically equal comfort and ease. At least not from my experience.

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A professional woman working remotely who is feeling stressed by work.

Work From Home Jobs Aren't For You!

Work from home jobs are not for everyone. Jumping on the remote jobs trend may be the biggest mistake you ever made if you haven't thought it through. Why? Because you have so much more responsibilities and things to be accountable for than you do at a regular job.

True passive income requires you to do little to no work in order to get sales. That means no marketing, no anything because everything is pretty much automated. You may be able to get to that point, but how are you going to automate everything in your business when you don't understand every aspect of what makes your business runs?

What do you need to be successful in business? Before profits, before anything else, you have to start with an audience. How do you get through to that audience? Marketing. Marketing is a business's attempt to grab their target audience's attention.

People want to find the path of least resistance to money, which is excellent. We should always find the path of least resistance when we can. However, expecting to have an easy, automated lifestyle where you do nothing but earn money? That's just a dream! Who's going to pay you to relax? Paying customers want you to help them relax!

This article is filled with my opinion and observation of how "get rich" schemes and the internet have profoundly impacted people. It's not meant to be seen as advice or a step-by-step plan to get rich. I don't have a step-by-step plan for you to get wealthy. I'm not even interested in getting rich. If it happens? Oh well. But I'm not waking up, worried about what's in my bank account. So maybe you should go somewhere else to learn how to be a millionaire.

What are the best freelance jobs for beginners? This is a big topic that many people will jump on to get clicks and views on their website. But what about you, the reader? You want an honest answer to that question. Well, here's the realest answer I can give. The best freelancing job for beginners is the one you're willing to work on constantly and improve your skills daily. If not daily, then at least once or twice a week.

Is blogging dead? Is there even any use in blogging anymore? Well, people still read blogs and search engines recommend them. I don't think blogging is dead at all. It may just be that you don't know what to write about or how to target the right audience.

Jerrin Finney is the owner and author of blogs on The 1099 Life. Remember to always do your research and gather all the information necessary to make the best decision for yourself possible. Also follow me on social media! Click the social media icons to learn more!